Thursday, July 1, 2010


I love my parents. I just got back from visiting them a few weeks ago. We live 8 hours away and it is really tough. I think it is so good to get back to my home town, where life is a little slower. The speed limit is 35 and after about 3 days I get used to it again. I often forget how nice it is to go places and see people who really know me. My parents have taught me so much--to love Jesus first, to treat people well and that life is not a race. It is easy to forget when I get back to Dallas and the fast life here. I was going back through pictures from my visit and just love this one I snapped when we were at the park with my kids. There is no dramatic background, no fancy settings, just a simple picture of my parents and my daughter. I just thought I'd give you a peek into my life.

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  1. That is such a sweet picture....I think Avery is love love loving the time with her Grandparents.