Thursday, May 19, 2011

Model Shoot-DFW photographer

This year I decided I wanted to try something different. I had been following the blogs of Jean Smith of Jean Smith Photography and Travis Smith of Boka Studios. They are an amazing husband and wife team who photograph with very different styles. She is mostly natural light and he is more studio lighting and fashion. I often draw inspiration from people who photograph entirely different subjects than I do. It gets me out of my ruts and gives me ideas for different shoots. After months of following their blog and trying a jedi mind trick to make them want to hold a workshop, they announced they were doing one. The workshop was a few weeks ago. I highly recommend it. It is called the He Said She Said workshop. We got to learn so much from them: workflow, lighting, posing and marketing. It was one full day of awesomeness! They are in Detroit (in case you were wondering). I turned more than one head when I told my friends I was going. I have to say, the people of Detroit were lovely. They also don't appreciate all the sterotypes! I have to break my subjects up because there were a few, but my model shoot with Shira was awesome. She was so great! I normally photograph children and try to make a fool of myself to make them laugh. It was a little refreshing to work with an adult subject who took direction. I hope you enjoy some these images. I loved doing something different and can't wait to use all the knowledge I picked up in Detroit. Thank you to Jean and Travis!

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  1. How did I miss this post and the post with ME in it...LOL!! We SOOOOOOOO loved having you hang with us in the D and you are just as sweet and cute in person as you are over email and your blog. Love your beautiful images Jacqueline!!!