Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Baby Tanner-Flower Mound, TX Photographer

It is such an honor to me to get to know families. I knew mom before she was married and began her happily ever after. I loved doing the maternity photos. They are still some of my favorite. Here are a few of them:

And this guy was just the cutest! He was so sweet and sleepy.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It was quite the fiesta

I have sorely neglected this blog. I have definitely still been doing sessions but I was also enjoying the summer with my kids. My husband and I recently celebrated our 40th birthdays. We decided that instead of exchanging gifts we were going to have a fiesta with our friends. In the age of pinterest there was so much inspiration! I used some of those ideas and incorporated some of my own to make this a very memorable night.

We started with the fiesta theme because we thought it would be easy to get finger foods that our guests would enjoy. The theme exploded from there.

First, we had to buy some outdoor lights. We knew we wanted to use them when we built our house and we outlets put under the eaves of our back porch. We purchased these lights. They were great and actually came with the light bulbs. We purchased two sets and set them up in a V shape. They looked so great at night and were just the perfect amount of ambient light. Lighting universe actually has a rewards program and would give me points for any referrals, so if you are interested in ordering from them, e-mail me and I can send you their form.

We purchased the papel picado (plastic Mexican flags) from Amazon. They are 100 feet in length and made the atmosphere very festive!

We rented tables and purchased different colored tablecloths from Party City. I also purchased two yards of this fabulous vinyl covered fabric from Hobby Lobby and cut it into 1/4 of the width. I used them as table runners. I thought it added the perfect pop of color.

I watched a few videos on how to make different tissue paper flowers. I purchased two packages of brightly colered tissue paper from TJ Maxx and got to work. One of my great friends helped me make them, too! I think they added some great color to the tables.

I also purchased these great clip art fiesta flags from Etsy. I purchased them from JW Illustrations. I used them for two things. First I added them to a chalkboard background I had and printed them out as 4x6 photos from Sams Club. I cut them in half and used double sided tape to add them to skewers. I used them in my tissue flower arrangements. I also used them for the logo part of the photo booth photos.

We used Premiere Booth for our photo booth rental and loved them! They delivered the booth to our house an hour before the party and had the needed props. They also had a few choices for the photo strip layout. They also worked to match the logo I designed for the party. The people who came to our party loved them!

We celebrated with two different tres leches cakes from Sams Club off Webb Chapel. I know they make the cakes and they never disappoint. I hope you enjoy the photos and get inspired for your own fiesta!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I have been so bad about blogging on this site. I have to admit that facebook has made me a little lazy. It's easier to post a little sneak peek there than to do a blog post.

I have been procrastinating in a lot of areas. I have felt that I needed to share a little more about myself, but have hesitated. It means getting personal and letting people know more than I want them to know. I am also unsure of when I will share this with my children, but they don't read my blog so I am okay.

I seemed to have a very perfect life. I seemed to follow the plan that a lot of women have for their life-graduate high school, graduate college, get married and begin my life. My five year plan was to have children, which I was so sure was exactly what was meant for my life. In my case 4 1/2 years into that plan I got divorced. I was 27. I moved to Dallas so my ex-husband could attend college and I was stuck in a town with people I didn't know.

I cried--alot. It was scary to think about starting over. I was getting older and I didn't know how soon I would meet somebody and if I would be able to have kids. It is just something you assume will happen. I leaned on the few good friends I had and they helped me along.

I was fortunate. I went to church and started attending a singles group. God also put many women in my path who had similar circumstances. I was not alone. I cannot tell you how much their encouragement made me feel better. I attended women's conferences and met other women who were remarried and living their happily ever after.

I met my husband in our singles group. We were friends for months before we began dating. If you follow my blog you have seen pictures of my children. They are really a gift. I am so thankful that I never lost faith and trusted God through those circumstances.

So why would I write this blog post now? Why share this very personal post? Because somewhere out there is a woman who is going through a divorce--who doesn't know how it will turn out and I want to tell her to keep her faith. You are not alone and though you feel the stigma of divorce, people want to love you anyway.

I also want to encourage other women to reach out and help others. You never know a person's journey so judge less and help more.

Photo taken my lovely friend Meredith of Little Heartstrings Photography.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Rivers Family-DFW maternity and newborn photographer

I am loving the ability to show the maternity and newborn sessions together. You get to see the parents and their precious little baby.

I am in love with this little guy's red hair. I can't wait to photograph him as he grows up!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Stamp family-DFW maternity and newborn photographer

Excuse the dust, I am getting back to blogging. Since I have waited so long I get blog a few maternity and beautiful newborn sessions.

First, I have to say that this is a beautiful couple. I knew when I saw them that they were going to have a gorgeous baby. Maternity sessions can be tough for dads. They generally are not to keen about being in that many photographs but I know they are always happy when they see the finished photos. Dad even brought his awesome "blue steel" look for one photo.

Thanks so much to the Stamp family for choosing me to capture this awesome time in your lives!

And look at their baby girl. She was such a sweet thing and look at those eyelashes.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I heart faces-Love challenge

When I saw that this month's challenge was love I immediately thought of this picture. I always tell my clients who are first time moms that they will feel love like they never have felt before when they see their newborn baby. I wish you could bottle up that first moment when you see a baby. This photo represents that anticipation of love for me! Be sure to check out the other amazing entries at i heart faces.

Photo Challenge Submission

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I heart faces-best face of 2012

I am dusting off the blog and had to enter this week's challenge. I know you have seen the picture before, but I love this face. I'm lucky she's mine. Be sure to check out all the other awesome entries at iheartfaces.

Photo Challenge Submission