Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photography Tips-Using Available light

I often get questions about what light I use to take my pictures. I use all natural light (which means I'm too lazy to learn my flash). Honestly, I just love natural light. I usually try to find a place with shade, which may seem counter-intuitive, but I don't like splotchy sun or shadows on the face or under the nose.

If I am doing a session at someone's house, I try to set up next to a big window where the sun is not streaming on the floor. I love to use the light from doorways. I am posting a few pictures taken in the front doorways at my friend's houses. Even if you shoot on green box or auto on your camera it will figure out that you have enough light and the flash won't go off. Often times, people have tile or wood floors that help reflect the light up. I don't know about your kids, but my kids look so washed out when I use my flash. So next time you want to snap a picture of your daughter in her princess dress or your son in something you love, open your front door.

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