Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cultivating Confidence-My daughter's lesson back to me!

There is something really beautiful about the innocence of children and their unique perspective on life. My daughter loves dress up--it doesn't matter what day of the week it is. She can find an occassion to be "fashion" as she calls it and have fun. Today was one of those days. My mom bought her this dress so she could play dress up and she wears it all the time. Today it just struck me differently, but my daughter is a genius! Life is too short not to wear your fancy dresses and make yourself feel beautiful. She even obliged me and let me take her pictures--double score for me. I hope you will take it to heart just like I did. I may have to talk one my friend's into taking my picture in a fancy dress!


  1. she is sooooooo CUTEEEEEE!!!!

  2. Love. Funny because my mom bought C a uber fancy dress that was on clearance at Target (looks like it could have been for a flower girl - YES, at Target!) for the same purpose. I haven't pulled it out for her yet, but this post totally reminded me to do so. If I still fit into my wedding dress, I'd haul it out and play dress up with her. :)